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Why choose Aztec Solar as your Solar Electricity Source

California's leader in solar electric systems for your home. Your system is expertly designed and professionally installed by Aztec Solar – backed by nearly 30 years of roofing and solar experience. We use top-quality components from industry-leading manufacturers and protect you with outstanding warranties and offer reliable, professional customer service.

How Your Bill Works

Sizing your Solar Electric System properly increases your return on investment.

The more electricity you consume, the higher the rate that you are charged for your electricity. Our goal is to design a system that generates the electricity that you normally are paying for at those higher rates.

Residential Incentives

State Rebates
You can become like the thousands of homeowner that earn cash rebates for generating solar electricity at their home. Under California's Million Solar Roof's program monitored by the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities, California hopes to reach a carbon emissions level less than in the 90's.
Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Federal Government offers a savings of 30% of the entire project cost of your solar electric (and solar water heating) system, to be deducted from your tax liability in the year of installation and if needed for up to seven years following.

Benefit from Incentives

Current state rebates and federal tax credits make your new solar system more affordable than ever, reducing installation prices by 30% to 50%.

Other Reasons to Go Solar!

Add Value to Your Home

A solar electric system raises the value of your house without raising your property taxes.

It's Guaranteed

Solar is a proven technology with components that have exceptionally long product and service warranties. Relax and let your solar system do its work. Aztec Solar quality systems have a lifetime of more than 25 years and are practically maintenance-free.

Cut Electricity Bills

By generating up to 100% of your own electricity, your electricity bill can be significantly reduced or even eliminated. When the sun is shining your solar system generates electricity, offsetting the electricity you consume from your local utility when the sun is not shining.

Energy Independence

Solar energy not only means generating power in a self-contained form, it also provides independence from volatile fossil fuel prices.

  • Saves you money, saves energy and adds value to your home
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Durable, reliable and virtually maintenance free
  • Long lifespan with warranty protection
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