Agribusiness Solar

Solar is a great way to farm land differently by harvesting the power of the sun.

Investing in solar power for your ag operation makes more sense now than ever, with Net Energy Metering (NEM-A). NEM-A gives farmers the ability to build one array and offset the costs of numerous meters spanning many acres of contiguous property.

This results in minimal crop displacement for the same power offsets. In addition, solar array layouts are continually getting more efficient. We can typically fit 1 megawatt of panels in less than a 5-acre footprint. Typically, our Ag clients choose arrays that track the path of the sun due to the greater power yield which, in turn, yield much higher financial savings. With a sun- tracking mounting solution, 1 acre typically yields $50,000 in energy cost offsets. If no ground space can be sacrificed, we can construct a solar support structure that allows for equipment or material storage underneath. All components Aztec Solar uses have been designed for simplicity and long-term reliability.

Agribusiness Solar Benefits

Reduce Overhead

Reduce Overhead

Reduce Overhead by eliminating a significant monthly fixed cost, and start earning profit instead



Control over rising energy costs

Earn Tax

Earn Tax

Earn Tax Benefits up to 50% starting year 1

Generational Security

Generational Security

Generational Security by creating a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business to pass on to the next generation.

Invest in your future with solar

Investing in solar power for your ag operation makes sense now more than ever, with Net Energy Metering (NEM-A). NEM-A allows farms that generate some or all of their own electricity to use that electricity at any time throughout the year, rather than only when it is generated.This gives farmers the ability to offset the costs of numerous meters throughout their acreage with just one array. As an added benefit, this also allows for minimal crop displacement.

Financial Incentives

You’ve heard the saying that “solar pays for itself”, but did you know that solar can also pay YOU? When you purchase solar for your farm or large commercial operation, you are actually creating an additional income source.

By combining federal tax credits, depreciation and USDA grants, you can actually save on half of the initial cost within the first year.

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