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As energy demands strain state’s power grid, consider solar battery storage

As energy demands strain state’s power grid, consider solar battery storage

A weeklong heat wave struck California just days ago and raised fears of rolling blackouts to millions of customers up and down the state.

The unbearable weather conditions during wildfire season prompted the California Independent System Operator to warn the public of statewide power outages.

Just the week prior, a series of blackouts left many customers in the dark.

As the extreme weather continued and wildfires grew, state officials asked customers to observe voluntary conservation of electricity.

Thankfully, the state dodged additional power outages by importing energy and wind production – at least for now. The averted blackouts had threatened as many as three million people.

California is still at risk. Extreme weather and unusual thunderstorms could increase the state’s wildfire count. Massive wildfires have burned through more than a thousand homes and buildings.

Utility companies must also take drastic steps of planned outages in an effort to prevent the next disastrous wildfire.

As a result of the current climate, too many home and business owners face the threat of electricity interruptions, which come at a high price.

Yet, there’s no end in sight to this new normal as California continues to operate with outdated energy infrastructure and poor power management.

Customers of solar power and solar power battery storage can put control of energy in their own hands. Solar battery storage provides a cost-effective and planet-saving solution to the unpredictability, inconvenience and stress of power outages or rolling blackouts.

From solar electricity, solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar battery storage and an array of other residential and commercial applications, Aztec Solar can help you meet energy and budget goals with sensible solar solutions.

Solar storage takes excess energy produced by a solar electricity system and sets it aside for later use, such as after sunset or in the event of a blackout.

With solar battery storage systems, our customers have the peace of mind that their home or place of business will not be left in the dark.

Purchases of household solar batteries jump dramatically in California

Purchases of household solar batteries jump dramatically in California

A recent heatwave in Northern California reminded us about the value of reliable electricity.

Elevated wildfire dangers trigger additional safety measures this time of year, increasing the likelihood of power outages. Last year, utilities cut power to 1.1 million homes across the state.

Californians have responded as they continue to switch to solar technologies, including solar panels and solar battery storage.

This year, Bloomberg Finance estimates 50,000 California households will install solar battery storage.

As of 2019, more than a million homes have solar, but only a fraction of those are equipped with solar battery storage.

Generous federal subsidies such as tax credits allow residents to receive a substantial discount on their solar-related purchases. This is also driving an increase in demand for solar battery storage.

Solar energy is life-changing, freeing customers from the constraints of traditional utility pricing and practices.

Solar power applications put the control of energy back into the hands of the customer with cost-effective, planet-saving and reliable energy solutions.

Customers can end the unpredictability, inconvenience and stress of potential power outages with solar power, plus solar power storage.

By installing a battery storage system, you can bypass shutoffs to your home or business by utilizing excess power created by your solar electricity system that’s been stored on the solar battery storage.

Aztec Solar is committed to providing real energy solutions that save our customers money and meet their every goal.

We offer top-rated products and technologies backed by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff.

From in-house water solar heating, solar pool heating, to comprehensive solar installs, our customers can have it all without any interruptions.

If you’re ready to join a growing movement of green energy technology, please contact us today to learn more about being part of a solution that saves money and helps save the planet.

What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is the perfect complement to a solar energy electricity system.

More and more, people who install solar energy at their homes or business are also thinking of solar battery storage.

Solar battery storage means energy independence from high utility prices and blackouts that can leave customers completely in the dark.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of solar battery storage.

Off-the-grid independence

Being off the grid is a great thing with solar battery storage.

When the Sacramento Region experiences power outages during the wildfire season, solar battery storage systems keep homes powered.

Not having to rely on the power grid means worrying less, and having the peace of mind that the power will stay on.

Added savings to electric bill

Solar batteries can be used for monthly savings.

When utilities use time-of-use rate structures, customers are charged different rates depending on the time of the day.

Solar battery storage gives customers the flexibility to use energy more efficiently.

In addition, solar battery storage may make up for savings when retail net metering is unavailable.

More clean energy

As a renewable source of energy, many people turn to solar technology because it’s a clean way to power a home and communities.

You too can have a greater impact in the fight against climate change.

You’ll be creating and storing renewable energy that was produced by the solar panels on your very own roof.

Backup power

Because the power grid is sometimes unreliable, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll have backup power.

There can be a number of reasons for power interruptions or full-scale outages of traditional utilities. With solar battery storage, however, there’s no such thing as power uncertainty.

Aztec Solar has partnered with customers in the Sacramento Region for more than four decades.

Our range of top-quality solar products and technologies, including solar battery storage, can power your home or business and meet your energy needs.

Please let us know today how we can help you create and store clean and affordable energy at your home or business.

Why you should install electric vehicle charging stations

Why you should install electric vehicle charging stations

Electrical vehicles will take you on a ride you’ve never been on before.

EVs simply have faster performance, but that’s just the beginning. They are also safer to drive, better for the environment and your wallet in a number of ways.

For starters, EVs are creating a shift in priorities. Money spent on gasoline will be reinvested into electricity. For instance, new building codes require the construction of facilities that support EV charging.

We can kick the use of EV into an even higher gear for multifamily investors and EV drivers.

EV charging is a must-have amenity for a multifamily or commercial building. Owners of these facilities can offer this service with no utility service update. This allows tenants and other EV owners to pay a flat rate for the service using a cloud-based solution.

It’s a total win-win because it will increase the owner’s equity value and saves EV drivers on costs. Plus, it’s great for the environment, too.

Aztec Solar’s clouding system will support 100 percent of all electric vehicle models, allowing for power flow even during a utility blackout when it’s combined with a solar storage system.

This reliable service will not go unnoticed to EV drivers and building owners because it provides income and cost-savings.

You can trust Aztec Solar to deliver on forward-thinking solutions to you, your customers and surrounding community. We have been at this in the Sacramento region for more than four decades and have earned the reputation as the go-to solar experts.

We are committed to meeting the energy needs of today and extending industry-leading technologies to your clients as well with the power of EV charging stations, and cutting-edge infrastructure to support it.

Please contact us today to learn more about this incredible opportunity to provide a vital service that keeps on paying for itself.

Your guide to solar plus storage for your facility

Your guide to solar plus storage for your facility

For over four decades, Aztec Solar has brought the power, convenience and value of solar into thousands of homes and businesses across Northern California.

For them, solar electricity has meant energy savings and peace of mind that they will always have access to clean and Earth-friendly energy.

Business entities, including schools, hospitality, industrial, multifamily housing, municipality and so many other sectors rely on solar energy more than ever before to meet their energy needs.

We invite our business friends in the Sacramento region to explore the possibilities of solar energy. In this free download, we will answer questions about solar energy and all the benefits it’ll provide to your enterprise.

You’ll learn why it makes so much sense to go solar today.

Topics in the guide include:

  • Understanding your electric bill
  • Solar energy and battery storage
  • Benefits of solar and energy storage
  • Reducing demand and consumption through battery storage technology
  • What solar companies don’t tell you about tax credits
  • Those are just some of the discussions included in the free buyer’s guide.

We hope to tell you about the exciting technologies and solar perks for your business, including solar + battery storage and net metering, which delivers credit directly to you for the value the solar electricity system generates.

Aztec Solar is proud to earn your business. For more than 40 years, we’ve delivered on our promise of excellent customer service and excellent solar products.

Our customers appreciate us because of how we approach our job. Award-winning solar experts will consult you throughout the process that leads to turn-key installations and top-of-the-class solar products.

When you partner with us, we also promise to make you our top priority. Our proven track record will reassure you that you have selected the right partner for this exciting transition into the world of solar energy that will save your business money and help provide a brighter future for all.

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