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Space Project Successfully Tests Remote Solar Technology

Space Project Successfully Tests Remote Solar Technology

In a not too distant future, a satellite equipped with solar panels may transmit electricity from outer space to anywhere on planet Earth.

As part of a project by the Pentagon, scientists successfully tested a small solar prototype, first launched in 2020, that showed the possibilities of remote solar technology.

The unmanned drone carrying the panel zips around the planet every 90 minutes, where it can most efficiently harness the sun’s energy. Outside the confines of the atmosphere, solar panels can absorb extra energy, including blue waves. Blue waves produce higher concentrations of energy.

From the ground, we cannot harness blue energy. That’s because blue light breaks up as soon as it penetrates the atmosphere. (The sky is blue for this reason.)

The efficient solar power technology in orbit is combined with the Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module, which uses microwaves to transmit power. The small panel, which is about 12-feet long, can already produce 10 watts of energy. Scaled up, there will be unlimited possibilities, including orbiting solar power arrays that can power entire cities remotely and nearly instantly.

With the recent utility emergency and crisis in Texas, it’s great to know that one-day solar technology could deliver critical electricity resources anywhere it’s needed at a moment’s notice.

As we look toward a promising future of massive remote solar applications, the promise of clean, affordable, reliable, and advanced solar power technology is already here for your home or business.

Whether you’re thinking about powering your entire home with a solar power electricity application that can also store excess energy on solar batteries, or you want a system to efficiently heat your swimming pool, there’s a solution for you.

Aztec Solar has been at it for more than four decades, delivering smart and sensible energy solutions to thousands of happy customers. We provide solar energy solutions that will meet any energy need at home or at your place of business. The exciting part is that we can play an important role in building a brighter and cleaner future for the entire planet right here at home.

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Tips for Increasing Solar Efficiency and Cut Cost On Your Next Building Project

Tips for Increasing Solar Efficiency and Cut Cost On Your Next Building Project

Whether you’re constructing your place of business or moving into a new home in Sacramento, it’s easy to implement solar technologies, save money and help save the planet all at the same time.

Aztec Solar serves the Sacramento region and beyond by delivering residential and commercial solar applications that fit every need and budget. With that in mind, we put together some easy-to-follow solar tips for your next building project. As you’ll see, it’s easy to provide for all your home or business energy needs with solar technology.

Location matters

Solar equipment contains two main components. The solar panels are typically affixed on rooftops. Inverters, on the other hand, can be placed in various locations.

If you decide to install the inverters indoors, it will not need to be under climate control. If they are placed outside however, they will need to be in a shaded area.

Keep this in mind as you envision and plan the project locations.

Cost-effective roofing

Did you know that roof material can have an impact on how much you’ll invest in solar technology?

Not all roof covers are created equal and it can be less expensive to install commercial solar on certain roofing types. The least expensive material to work with is standing seam. As an added bonus, solar panels can be installed without penetrating the roof with standing seam. The next affordable roof type is corrugated metal, followed by asphalt shingle, then flat roofs, slop roofs, shake, metal shingle and slate.

Smart conduit placement

Don’t let the placement of the conduit get lost in the planning of your next commercial solar project. All rooftop systems require one conduit, which needs to run to the interconnection.

When planning for the placement of the conduit, you’ll need to think about aesthetics and how accessible the placement is for ease of installation. One approach is to install the conduit during building construction or upgrade.

Sun exposure

Obviously, the solar panels should be installed at the perfect angle to harvest as much of the Sacramento sun as possible.

Shade, orientation and tilt are all considerations in the perfect placement of solar panel applications. Other outdoor obstacles, such as trees, utility poles and other objects can be a factor as well. To make the most out of your solar project, it’s important to plan around any object that could obstruct any light from hitting the solar panels.

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Solar Power Incentives to Know About in 2021

Solar Power Incentives to Know About in 2021

It pays to go solar.

By making the switch, customers will meet every energy demand within their home or business, cut on energy costs and help save the planet.

Solar energy frees customers from the unpredictability of up-and-down utility prices and power shutdowns. Solar energy is a savvy alternative to traditional utility because it’s affordable, reliable and helps cut back on harmful greenhouse emissions.

The cost for a full solar panel application and how much it will save you depends on a number of factors. Tax incentives and project size determine the final costs and savings of a solar electricity system.

Here are some of the solar incentives you should know about.

Investment Tax Credit

The federal Investment Tax Credit for solar projects was recently extended, offering a significant tax break to both residential and commercial customers.

Implemented in 2006, the solar credit will save taxpayers 26 percent on solar projects through 2021 and 2022. In 2023, the tax credit is reduced to 22 percent before expiring for residential taxpayers the following year. It will stay in place for commercial customers at a 10 percent rate in 2024.

Since its inception, the tax credit fueled solar industry growth by more than 10,000 percent.

Net Energy Metering

Net metering enables solar customers to ship off excess generated power back to the power grid in exchange for credit.

This is just another way solar customers will save on their monthly energy bill. The credit for excess energy will reflect the rate the customer would have paid if consuming the same amount of energy.

In order to participate, solar customers must install a solar electricity system that’s sized to meet current building demands.

Property Tax Exclusion

There’s no need to worry about new property tax assessment after installing a solar electricity system, which is considered new construction.

Typically, new construction at a residence triggers a reassessment of property taxes, which can lead to a larger tax bill.

The state’s taxation code features the exclusion for qualifying solar projects, and is valid through 2025.

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Sign the petition to Save California Solar

Sign the petition to Save California Solar

There’s no doubt, California is a leader in environmental protection and clean energy production, including solar power.

If lobbyists have it their way, however, a key policy they want to get rid of will undo years of progress and deter California from fulfilling its commitment to the green energy movement.

Aztec Solar is joining solar energy advocates to support the Save California Solar campaign to spread awareness about keeping net metering. We encourage you to sign the petition!

We must deploy every tool and meet our commitment to make it easy for the public to make the transition to clean energy, but utility companies are lobbying California lawmakers to turn their backs on solar customers. These lobbyists don’t want customers to maximize their rooftop solar panels and the benefits they bring.

They are attacking net metering, which allows customers to sell back unused power and send it off to the grid.

Now, utility companies are pushing back because they are worried, as they should be. The number of solar customers is always on the rise and we don’t expect it to slow down. They are concerned for their profits because net metering allows communities to purchase and share affordable energy.

The reality is that the net metering policy fuels the state’s green energy growth through new investments in clean energy technologies.

As California pushes toward 100 percent clean energy, it must defend the right of every solar customer to enjoy the full benefits of solar technologies. By working together and expanding access to clean energy applications and money-saving policies, California will get one step closer to achieving a bold green future.

We hope you join us in supporting Save California Solar, which puts the power back into the hands of those who believe in a brighter and cleaner future for all.

Africa looking to double up energy production with floating solar panels

Africa looking to double up energy production with floating solar panels

Using wide open bodies of water, Africa can double up its ability to generate clean energy on top of clean energy – literally.

Floating solar panels installed on the surfaces of lakes used for hydroelectricity are proving to be exceptionally efficient and convenient. If the solar panels covered just 1 percent of the surface space currently available on the reservoirs, for example, it would substantially boost the creation of clean energy.

Nations like Ethiopia and Zambia draw more than 90 percent of their energy from hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric dams are the nation’s biggest renewable power source and Africa is betting its future on it with plans to construct dozens more.

With climate change, however, those efforts could be challenged with drier climates.

Scientists believe that floating solar panels can be the key to sustaining the flow of clean energy in a part of the world where it’s needed the most, according to a new paper in Renewable Energy. The approach is a creative solution because solar panels can be plugged right into existing infrastructure and power grid – even when dams are low on water fuel.

Solar power technology is a common denominator in many of today’s forward-thinking energy solutions. The development in Africa shows that no problem is too large when solar power is involved.

For those looking for residential solar and commercial solar, solar power is the answer to high energy bills, unpredictable utility billing and other headaches. Solar power applications equipped with solar battery storage create reserves of electricity and whole-house backup power for when it’s needed the most in the Sacramento region.

Businesses are also turning to solar power applications to meet all their energy needs that keep their operations moving smoothly and efficiently.

With more than 10,000 customers, Aztec Solar constantly sees how much of a difference clean energy can make, one home and business at a time. From full solar panel installations to in-house solar power heating – every solar application is part of the solution to a brighter future and stronger planet.

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