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Deadline to take advantage of Solar Investment Tax Credit fast approaching

Deadline to take advantage of Solar Investment Tax Credit fast approaching

Solar energy is an investment for the future.

It is also an investment for today because it saves families, businesses and communities money right away on their utility bills and offers peace of mind because solar energy is reliable and good for the planet.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar and want extra savings, you’re on the clock. The Solar Investment Tax Credit empowers both home and business owners to deduct 26 percent of the solar installation costs. This worthwhile tax incentive won’t last long, however.

As more Americans feel the impacts of the pandemic on their daily lives, we understand how important it is to save money wherever possible. Solar technology accomplishes just that because it’s as affordable as ever. And with this tax credit, families and businesses can enjoy added savings on a solar electricity system or application in a matter of weeks as 2021 fast approaches.

Future residential and commercial solar adopters must act now because the 26 percent tax credit is set to expire this year. It’ll drop to 22 percent next year before the residential tax credit goes away for good.

Keep in mind that the tax credit is only valid if you own the solar panels. So, if you’re thinking about leasing or making arrangements through a power purchase agreement, you will not likely qualify.

While the IRS has guidance for commencing construction, which allows businesses to lock in the 26 percent tax break as long as the solar project begins in 2020 and is completed by 2024, this courtesy does not cover residential projects.

Finally, the residential solar energy system must be placed in service by Dec. 31, 2020. This condition for the tax break means that the installation must be complete within the timeframe in order to receive this year’s rate. In other words, signing a contract, making a payment and getting construction started before year’s end will not be sufficient. That’s why it’s important to start the process as soon as possible so the project is ready to power your home or business before the new year.

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5 tips to help keep your solar-powered home warmer this winter

5 tips to help keep your solar-powered home warmer this winter

It’s getting cold outside. And even though your Sacramento-area home is equipped with a solar energy system, there are still other ways to boost efficiency and keep heat in, and the cold out.

The following cold-weather tips will lead to a cozier and more energy-efficient dwelling this winter season.

Ceiling fan

Did you know your home’s ceiling fan can help circulate warm air around your home?

Simply reverse the fan’s direction so it can do its work and circulate the warm air that’s being released from your heating system.

As a bonus, using ceiling fans during the winter will reduce dust accumulation and make it easier for cleaning.

Solar heat pump

As a complement to your solar electricity system, a solar heat pump is another clean and efficient way to warm the inside of the home.

These air-sourced pumps provide heat through the home’s duct or piping systems while the ground-source pump operates in tandem with pipes underneath the home.

Thermostats with apps

Newer homes and their heating and air setups will feature smart thermostats, which let you set timers and make other adjustments to the home’s energy use.

With a few swipes, smart thermostats balance the amount of energy needed to power the home, especially during peak hours. And the best part about this automation is that it will also help you save money.

Electric heating

For some homeowners, electric heating is the only option – and it can be on the expensive side.

Solar energy users, however, have an upper hand when using these types of heating devices, which do better in targeted areas of the home.

Portable heating systems are inexpensive and will do a great job in keeping a room nice and cozy without the high-energy bill.


This is an obvious solution to help keep the inside of your home warm and sealed from the elements.

Proper insulation boosts the efficiency of the energy production inside your home and will keep utility costs in check. In addition, insulation will block out noise, regulate humidity and reduce allergens and pests inside the home.

For any questions related to a solar power system for your home or business, contact us today!

U.S. brings 4.5 gigawatts of solar power online in 2019

U.S. brings 4.5 gigawatts of solar power online in 2019

The cumulative solar energy capacity of the United States is growing and California continues to lead the way.

The Lawrence Berkley National Lab is keeping track of solar power capacity, which was driven by projects in the southeast and California.

Last year alone, Americans turned to solar product solutions and brought 4.5 gigawatts of utility-scale solar energy online. The Golden State outputted nearly 1 gigawatt of power alone, also adding solar and storage projects on a commercial operational level.

One megawatt of energy translates into about 3.124 million photovoltaic panels.

California also earned the top spot for solar generation in-state percentage with 20 percent. This output includes both residential and commercial solar energy systems.

Costs for installing solar applications are on the downward trend, creating greater accessibility to green technology that can fulfill residential and commercial energy needs.

Consumers are also turning to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, a 26 percent tax break, to bring the cost of solar down even more.

Since the tax credit was enacted about 14 years ago, the U.S. solar industry has expanded by more than 10,000 percent.

It has helped to create jobs and to bring clean, affordable energy solutions into thousands of homes and businesses across California.

The solar tax credit will be reduced by 22 percent in 2021 before it goes away entirely the following year. Businesses will have an extra year to take advantage of the tax benefit.

Aztec Solar offers solar energy solutions that fill the needs at home or at your place of business.

We offer full electricity applications, solar power battery storage, solar pool heating, in-house solar water heating and other solar electrical applications.

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We view every solar application as part of a greater solution to a brighter future and stronger planet.

How does commercial solar power work?

How does commercial solar power work?

Solar panels are not just for massive solar farms or neighborhood rooftops.

They can also save commercial enterprises money and fulfill their energy needs with green technologies such as full solar electricity applications and solar power storage.

Here’s how commercial solar power works.

Photovoltaic modules, commonly known as solar panels, are at the foundation of every solar electricity application. They are installed on business rooftops or on frames to maximize angles and sunlight absorption.

The stored energy moves into the system’s inverters.

Inverters transform incoming DC energy into AC power, the same form of energy that’s standard inside your home or business.

Once the power is converted, it is indistinguishable from electricity taken from the grid.

Your business’s existing electrical infrastructure will be put to work.

Electricity outputted by the inverter is sent directly to your switchboard, allowing the free flow of energy at your place of business.

An electricity meter will track energy use so that electricity is first drawn from your solar electricity system and not from the grid.

In the event that your business will need additional power, your setup is designed to filter in electricity from the grid. It’s also possible to redistribute excess energy and send it back to the grid through net metering.

Going solar is a smart business decision because it will reduce operating costs, freeing up resources for other business goals. Solar applications are low maintenance and will provide clean energy to your business for decades to come.

Adopting solar energy also immediately puts your business at the forefront of a growing green energy movement.

More and more, consumers want to do business with organizations that are committed to decreasing harmful greenhouse emissions and are planning for a brighter future.

As the region’s solar pioneer, Aztec Solar has plenty of experience with the Sacramento area’s business leaders.

We’ve partnered with the business community and developers for more than four decades, delivering energy savings and peace of mind so that businesses will meet their energy needs.

Our solar experts and top-quality products can address the needs of any industry, from education, hospitality, industrial and other sectors.

Please reach out to us today to learn more about how our turn-key solar installations can save your business money and help you plan for a brighter, carbon-free future.

Georgetown University to generate more than two-thirds of its energy with solar

Georgetown University to generate more than two-thirds of its energy with solar

As soon as this month, Georgetown University will generate over two-thirds of its energy needs from solar power applications.

University officials said the initiative is a measure to reduce the campus’s reliance on traditional grid-based utility.

For years, Georgetown University has been at the forefront of green energy. Since 2013, the university has purchased renewable energy certificates, known as RECs, which document the use of clean energy.

Moving forward, Georgetown University will source even more of its energy from renewable energy providers. It’ll buy more than 100,000 megawatt-hours of electricity each year.

The school’s overall mission is to pave the way for a brighter future that’s more reliant on green technology.

Under the agreement, electricity will be delivered from solar plants in Maryland and New Jersey and the school will continue to use RECs from other sources, too.

Georgetown University has taken other concrete steps in the fight against climate change and harmful fossil fuels. It divested from fossil fuel companies over concerns about the environment and unstable financial outcomes.

If your business is ready to take its own steps toward energy independence, Aztec Solar can provide the expertise and products to transform the way you consume energy.

Aztec Solar is the go-to energy solutions provider that’s committed to meeting the energy needs of business owners. Our top-quality solar products and technologies deliver green energy at affordable prices.

From full solar power applications to solar battery storage, Aztec Solar can work with you to design a solar system that suits your day-to-day operational requirements.

Please contact Aztec Solar to learn more about the possibilities and the benefits of clean and affordable green energy at your place of business. Together, we can lower your utility costs and make a positive contribution to the health of the planet for generations to come.

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