Loomis Solar Services

Aztec Solar is one of the oldest solar companies that operates in Loomis. 
With over 10,000 customers, Aztec Solar is the most trusted solar company in Northern California. Contact us for a free solar consultation to see how you can save money by switching to Solar Electricity, Solar Water Heating, or Solar Pool Heating. 

Solar Electricity

Eliminate or lower your cost of electricity with a PV solar system!

Solar Pool Heating

Double the length of your swimming season with a solar pool heater

Solar Water Heating

Get your hot water from the sun and save up to 70-80% on your power bill


Solar Inspections & Maintenance

An Aztec Solar technician will conduct a complete inspection. The inspection will include a roof and inverter inspection and an engineering report.

Tesla Powerwall Installations

Store excess solar power generated throughout the day with a battery backup system to ensure you have backup power when the electricity goes out.

Home Backup Generator Systems

In the event of a power outage, you can keep your home powered with a backup generator system that powers the existing electric circuitry so you won’t need any extension cords or power strips.

About Aztec Solar

Aztec Solar has been serving Loomis based homeowners and businesses for over 30 years. As pioneers of the solar industry we know the benefits of solar and believe that we bring savings, lifestyle, and satisfaction to every customer. Aztec Solar has withstood the ebbs and flows of solar with integrity and we are still lead by our commitment to the environment, our customers and our community.

Aztec Solar is a solar energy solutions provider committed to meeting the energy needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental entities. We offer in-house solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar electric experience for all applications, from small scale residential projects to large scale commercial projects. We see every application equally as part of the solution to a brighter future and stronger planet.

Get Free Consultation

Get Solar Power in Loomis Today!

Aztec Solar is the only solar company with an easy 28 Minute Solar Consultation. In 28 minutes, you’ll learn how your new solar system will pay for itself and how your solar payment and utility bill payments can be lower than what you are currently paying today.

Customer Testimonials

“Wanted to use a company that did both pool solar and solar PV installation. Had 4 companies come bid and we decided on Aztec. Quote was very competitive. Had 30 panel solar PV system and solar pool system installed. Communication from everyone we interacted with was excellent. All our concerns were addressed prior to install and at the time of install. Would definitely recommend Aztec for solar PV and pool solar.”
Kristi L.

“We installed Aztec Solar for our new pool this summer and they were the only Solar company that would take on the challenge of not being able to have prime roof space. We also have solar for electricity which takes up most of our south facing roof so when I spoke to other pool solar companies they turned us down because of the lack of south face space on our roof. Aztec technology not only works with sunlight but also with the heat from the air so if it’s over 90-degrees on your roof they can heat the water in your pool.”
April A.

“We had Aztec Solar install solar for our pool this last spring. We have had the chance to enjoy the benefits all summer long and let me tell you what a difference it has made. We have extended our swimming season and had quite a few great night swims. Ken and the whole Aztec team did a great job start to finish and we are looking forward to firing up our system next spring.”
Bill S.

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