​Top five benefits of going solar

If you are wondering why you should go solar, we have an answer or you. In fact, there are so many benefits to having solar electric power installed that it’s hard to name them all in one article. That’s why we’ve broken it down into the top five:

1) Save Money

With utility rates increasing all the time, solar power will help you take the edge off of the increases. By generating up to 100 percent of your own electricity, your electricity bill can be significantly reduced or even eliminated. When the sun is shining, your solar system generates electricity, offsetting the electricity you consume from your local utility when the sun is not shining

2) Energy Independence

Take back control! Enjoy the independence of owning and controlling an electric power source located right in your home. Solar energy not only means generating power in a self-contained form, it also provides independence from volatile fossil fuel prices.

3) Future Generations

Do it for your kids, grandchildren and the thousands of plants and animals living right outside your front door. Investing in solar energy reduces your carbon footprint, which reduces global warming and directly promotes the use of sustainable energy with no emissions or harmful side effects.

4) Support Sacramento’s Economy

Support creation of California jobs in a high-growth industry. Your investment in solar energy supports workers who live in the Sacramento region, designing and installing your systems.

5) Aztec Solar makes it easy and affordable

Solar is a proven technology with components that have exceptionally long product and service warranties. Relax and let your solar system do its magic. Aztec Solar quality systems have a lifetime of more than 25 years and are practically maintenance-free.

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