Thinking About Solar Water Heating, California Gave You 1 More Reason

California utilities, such as PG&E, now offer homeowners financial incentives to install solar panels to heat your water. The incentives will be based on your system’s production with a maximum rebate of $1800. The rebate is accompanied by a federal tax credit of 30% of your system cost. Solar Thermal technology has been around for decades, but they’ve received little of the attention paid to photovoltaic solar panels. And yet, using sunlight to heat water cuts the amount of natural gas or electricity a building needs. Most California homes run their boilers on natural gas, while a few use electricity, whether you use propane, gas, or electricity to heat your water, with 30 years experience, Aztec Solar has expertise on replacing your current system with a solar water heating one, as well as keeping you eligible for rebates.

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