3 reasons why new homeowners should go solar

New homeowners enjoy new freedoms when they stop renting.

The same can be said about going solar.

Much like the lifetime investment, you’ll enjoy as a new homeowner, converting to solar energy provides both short- and long-term benefits, too.

Here are three reasons why you should consider making the switch to solar energy, especially if you are a newly minted homeowner.

Ongoing maintenance

California residents face the unpredictable prospect of energy shutoffs at a moment’s notice due to powerful and potentially destructive wildfires.

With solar, there will be no power outage to worry about as maintenance on these systems continue around the clock.

In addition to always staying on the grid, there will be little need for on-site maintenance, as well.

Aztec Solar products are built to last and have no moving parts, which means you can experience solar energy benefits without worrying about much ongoing maintenance.

Lower energy bill

As a new homeowner, you may be shell shocked by your initial utility bills.

Saving money is guaranteed when you make the switch. In addition, installation prices are at an all-time low.

Customers will enjoy Net Energy Metering arrangement, a credit for the full retail value of the electricity the system generates.

Solar system transfer

While you may have just purchased you’re home, it’s possible that it won’t be the last time you buy.

Aztec Solar will assist you in transferring the solar contract to the next owner when you decide it’s time to upgrade.

In addition, as a homeowner, you’ll enjoy increased value to your home because homes in California sell for more when they are equipped with solar energy applications.

We’ve been at this for more than 40 years.

If you’re ready to bring clean, money-saving solar power solutions into your home, that also help save the planet, please give us a call today.

We offer a range of solar products – from solar power system to solar battery storage and solar pool heating – that will fulfill any energy need.

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