5 advantages of residential and commercial solar technology

Aztec Solar is Northern California’s go-to solar expert.

We are committed to meeting the energy needs of homes and businesses across the Sacramento region. This is accomplished with first-class solar products and technologies and a great staff.

Our goal is to put you first so you can enjoy the benefits of going solar, saving you money and helping us save the planet.

Here are five advantages to going solar.

Low maintenance costs

Solar energy is affordable in so many ways.

Keeping your system up and running will not take a lot of effort or resources.

A big part of that is because solar panels have an incredible life expectancy and will not require regular maintenance work.

Aztec Solar products do not have moving parts so there’s little worry about wear and tear, as a result.

Ride technology wave

As evidenced by growing affordability, solar energy is constantly getting better and more efficient.

Quantum physics and nanotechnology will continue to improve and increase the amount of energy that can be harnessed.

This means that as a solar power user, you may one day be able to double or triple your electrical output and the associated savings.

Feel good about going green

Solar energy is the ultimate renewable power with far-reaching potential. It is boundless.

We see every solar application as a part of the bigger solution for a healthier planet and a brighter future.

With your buy in, we can continue to build on the momentum of creating a future of clean and affordable energy for everyone.

Reduce your utility bill

From pool heating, solar storage, in-house solar water heating to full-scale solar applications for the entire home or business, your investment in solar will reduce or eliminate the need for traditional utility.

The amount of savings will depend on the scope and size of the solar power application.

There’s even a possibility to store or maximize the excess energy your system produces.

Mix and match solar applications

Aztec Solar is committed to meeting your solar needs – whatever they are.

For more than four decades, we’ve supplied our customers with an array of solar options. Residential, commercial, industrial and governmental entities have all benefited greatly from our applications.

We offer solar storage, full-scale solar applications, water heating, pool heating and other small- and large-scale projects.

If you’re interested in joining this exciting and Earth-friendly movement, please reach out to us today to learn more. Our award-winning staff is ready to answer your questions and share with you the many benefits of green technology.

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