5 lesser known reasons to get commercial solar

Most business owners know that adding solar can help reduce their electricity costs. And, in general, most know that they can get a federal solar tax credit to the tune of 26 percent. These benefits alone make it worth it for business owners to go solar – especially with the heat of the Sacramento summer quickly approaching.

There are several other lesser-known benefits of adding solar power to your business, however. Here are a few of those.

Net Metering

Your solar system generates power from the sun during the day. When it collects more power than you use, that excess energy is sent back into the utility grid. Your utility company will then pay you for that extra production.

Boost in Property Value

Just like a residential property, adding owned solar panels to the property can increase the value. So, if you were to ever sell your property you could expect a higher return because of your solar system.

Solar Storage

As solar technology has advanced, we now have the ability to store energy produced from solar panels through solar battery storage. What this means is that excess energy produced can be stored in a solar battery and that battery can be activated at night or during a power shutoff during a wildfire.

Public Relations

When you go solar it is quite an accomplishment, so much so you could consider a press release to let the local media know. Additionally, such a move to help the environment is something your employees will likely appreciate and it will give them pride in their employer.

Solar Requires Minimal Maintenance

Solar systems can last more than two decades (and sometimes longer). In general, they are also very low maintenance (though our top-notch installers are always ready to fix any issues).

Aztec Solar has more than four decades of experience installing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region. We have helped an endless number of companies make the switch and would be honored to help yours. Contact us today for a video consultation.

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