5 New Year’s solar resolutions

For many people, committing to a New Year’s resolution is about seeing things in a whole new light.

Why not take that literally and see what solar power can do for you?

Here are five New Year solar resolutions to help familiarize you with solar power and all its wonderful advantages.

Learn how solar works for your pool

We know it’s a bit cold out, but prepping for summer is already underway. Whether you’re trying to get fit for the swimsuit season or thinking about outfitting your pool with something new, consider this: How about a solar pool?

Here’s how it works: A pump pushes water into a Heliocol solar panel where it is heated. The sun-warmed water then flows back into your pool. Now, your existing pump will not only filter out leaves and debris, but it will also function within your solar-heating system.

Learn how solar water heating works

In a nutshell, solar water heating is hot water from the sun, for less. That’s pretty simple, right?

Let us break down how the system works.

Essentially, a freeze-adverse liquid called propylene glyco contained within a closed loop is heated by the sun. When this happens, the liquid is pumped back into a tank where it meets your domestic water for a heat exchange. But there’s more. As you use your hot water, the hot water flows into your water heater. Since the water is already hot, there’s less work for your water heater to do. That’s additional savings. The system regulates temperatures and monitors the temperature of the liquid collector to make sure your domestic water reaches the appropriate heat levels each and every time.

Learn what net energy metering is

Net Energy Metering (NEM) is something you’ll want to see.


NEM offers credits to customers with a solar PV system for the full retail value of the electricity generating from its system. Through this special billing arrangement, solar customers only pay for the net amount of electricity they use over a 12-month period. The surplus comes back to the customer.

Keep track of energy prices

One of the best ways to reach a goal is to measure progress.

If you’re keeping track, the costs for traditional energies are on the rise. A vote by the California Public Utilities Commission last summer will lead to energy price hikes. Modest-to-moderate consumers are expected to take a brunt of the burden. The changes will be phased in over the next couple of years, but you don’t have to stick around and feel the full effects. As you track the costs of energy and the only progress you see is an increase to your monthly bill, consider looking at the cost-cutting benefits of a solar power system.

Calculate what you could save by going solar

How much will you save?

Here’s one way to look at it: A 3kW system would produce an average of about 450kW a month. The average household needs around 900kW a month to operate. That alone will slash your costs in half each month. A larger system, obviously, will produce even bigger savings. But the savings stemming from solar energy are not just month-to-month. Tax credits, immunity from future energy hikes, rebates and net metering are other factors to keep in mind.

Happy New Year from all of us at Aztec Solar! For more information about solar and to calculate your savings, be sure to visit utilitypaymentsavings.com.

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