Amazon goes solar in a big way!

Amazon announces a new initiative to generate clean energy using solar panels.

Amazon announces a new initiative to generate clean energy using solar panels

Amazon, the electronic commerce giant, is turning to solar. Earlier this month, Amazon announced a new initiative to generate clean energy by installing solar panels on its rooftops. The panels are planned for the company’s fulfillment centers around the globe, including 15 fulfillment and sortation centers in the U.S. The company says it will complete the installation by the end of the year. Then, in 2020, it’ll continue to install them at 50 centers across the globe.

When the projects are complete, they will generate 41 megawatts of power at Amazon sites in California, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada and Delaware.

The rooftop solar panels planned for Patterson, California, will cover 1.1 million square feet. They will be able to soak up plenty of the California sunshine with that large footprint. The energy this center produces will power hundreds of Amazon Robotics that many of the workers use at the ground-level.

This news is just another example of the growing popularity of solar power. Aztec Solar knows the many innovated uses for solar energy and we certainly applaud Amazon’s vision for renewable energy, which will fulfill 80 percent of the center’s annual energy needs. At its core, Amazon is guided by passion for invention, operational excellence and long-term thinking. We think this solar-power initiative aligns with each of those principals.

Aztec Solar also is committed to these principles and has been providing an array of solar energy products and services in the Sacramento region to meet the energy needs in an ever-changing world.

With nearly 35 years of providing solar energy installations and services, we know a thing or two about blazing new trails. Our products and services are ahead of the curve because we know the importance of affordable and reliable clean-energy options. Take our pool heating services as an example. We do not want the cold days of winter and fall to deprive you of pool time. Aztec Solar pool heating services deliver on the promise of expanding the usage of your pool year-round by pumping water through your existing pump and through a Heliocol solar panel where it is heated and returned to your pool.

Residents and businesses across the region have entrusted us to provide the best products and customer-centered services for decades, which are backed by our experienced staff. We truly see every opportunity as part of the solution for a brighter future and stronger planet – and that starts with you.

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