An Earth Day Pledge

There are many ways to celebrate the coming of Spring and remembering our Earth in bloom with Earth Day. Participating in the numerous events happening throughout the greater Sacramento Area is one option- see a brief list below. Another is making a new pledge- think of it as a mid-year resolution- adding a new practice into your daily living that saves a tree, helps the air, lightens your footprint, or betters your community.

Aztec Solar has committed to lowering our electric demand with a simple act. Killing the dead loads. Yes, all those little plugged in items are still drawing juice and add up in the overall load demand in a business operation. We have committed to unplugging or switching off paper shredders, computer monitors, using energy saving modes after hours and turning off lights during breaks and lunch hour. Its simple, but practical and something that will remain with us permanently.

If you are unsure what would work for you, check out a film at the Do Something REEL film festival in Sacramento – its happening tonight…

The Earth is stronger than us and it will rejuvenate the human impact if we give it a break and allow time for healing.

Earth Day Celebrations

Do Something REEL film festival

1) Thursday, Apr 21 9:00ato 2:00p

Cesar Chavez Park, Sacramento, CA
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2) Saturday, Apr 23 12:30pto 5:30p

Southside Park, Sacramento, CA
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