As summer approaches, California drought troubles worsen

Wherever you are in California, there’s worry over the drought.

Nearly 15% of the state recently moved into the most severe tier of drought status, the highest mark since 2014.

As summer gets closer, drought conditions will worsen following a relatively dry rain season. As a result, California must prepare for yet another wildfire season and power outages. Last year, the state endured record-breaking wildfire activity as millions of acres burned. There’s a strong possibility that 2021 will be one for the record books, according to climate scientists.

The combination of long-term climate factors and this year’s likely extreme drought conditions creates high fire risks for large swaths of land. The state is off to a poor start. Through May, the number of acres burned across California was up sevenfold compared to the same period last year. It prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency to deal with the current drought crisis.

In an effort to contain the impacts, state agencies will work on increased drought resilience measures as part of the declaration. Power companies will also implement fire prevention measures, including power outages.

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