Audi is working on a solar-powered sunroof

Solar panels belong on your home’s roof — but why stop there?

As industry leaders and pioneers, all of us here at Aztec Solar like to keep up with the latest innovations in residential, commercial and other solar applications in order to bring the best products and services to our customers in the Sacramento region.

We also pay attention to other solar-related solutions and this one caught our eye.

Audi is partnering up with the maker of an ultra-thin and flexible solar cell to bring the power of solar energy to a new generation of vehicles with a solar-powered sunroof. Audi’s integration of solar cells into the car’s “panoramic glass roof” is only the beginning. The company envisions an entire solar car roof surface that can supply power to systems like air-conditioning or seat heaters.

By using solar energy on cars, manufacturers can focus on pumping more clean energy into the engine and other critical systems, boosting a car’s efficiency and range. This is just another example of how solar boosts energy efficiency in our everyday lives. From our homes, business and now vehicles, the power and benefits of solar are undeniable.

If you’re wondering about the multiple uses of solar energy for your home or business, like full electric systems, water applications or solar pool heating, be sure to visit our homepage.

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