Avoid the sticker shock from your summer electricity bill

Like most people, you may have experienced a little sticker shock when you opened your last electricity bill.

Thanks to the sizzling heat, our hands have been forced to run the AC on overdrive.

The cool air feels great, but at what price?

Yes, you and your family or business enjoyed an escape from the triple-digit heat, but the thought of the upcoming electricity bill lets all the cold air out of the room.

Why should you have to choose?

Don’t let summer’s heat force you to pick. With solar, you can run the AC with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When you install solar with us, you can stay comfortable inside your home with peace of mind.

Here’s how you’ll save:

  • You’ll see savings from Day 1 of the install as your solar panel starts generating power.
  • You can finance your solar application with ZERO DOWN.
  • Finally, and very importantly, your monthly bill will be lower than your monthly savings on your electricity bill. This means you can crank up the AC without a worry in the world.

So, put a stop to the summer electric bill sticker shock today by calling Aztec Solar. We are solar pioneers and have been installing the future on homes and business for more than 30 years in the Sacramento region. Our award-winning customer service, top-notch training, industry-leading materials and unmatched service will deliver on the promise of savings that will last a lifetime.

Our special financing offer on your next electric system means instant savings because you’ll pay $0 down and cut cost beyond your expectations.

Please view our Free Solar Buyer’s Guide to learn more or visit our website. You can also start a live chat on aztecsolar.com if you’re ready to take this step forward.

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