RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif., April 18, 2012 — Jackson Lake Apartments in Oakland, California earned a ,623 California Solar Initiative rebate from Pacific Gas & Electric Company. The multi-family housing unit was awarded a rebate for their installation of a 168 kW(therm) solar hot water system installed by Aztec Solar Inc of Rancho Cordova, California.

Aztec Solar Inc designed and installed a solar hot water system that would reduce Jackson Lake’s monthly overhead while keeping their tenants comfortable. “Jackson Lake was a perfect candidate to upgrade their solar system now and capture the highest rebates while they are still available”, says Jonathan Gemma, VP of Aztec Solar Inc Jackson Lake’s system will save an estimated 8,785 therms or about ,210/year. “Customers who are looking to save energy and money over the long-term would want to consider solar water heating,” said David Rubin, Director, Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Jackson Lake is one of the many facilities enjoying solar incentives paid through the CSI-Thermal program. They installed their first Solar Hot Water system in 1984 to offset their boilers and were able to do so due to the high cash incentive available at the time. After about 28 years, the system was still in working condition and saving them money, however Aztec Solar Inc calculated that replacing the system now was advantageous. Installing new panels, controls, and valves made sense; it will increase their gas savings for another 25 plus years, while allowing them to take advantage of the CSI-Thermal solar incentives again.

In March, CSI-Thermal added increased incentives for low-income housing encouraging them to take advantage of the million rebate budget, with qualifying multifamily homes being eligible for 150% of the largest rebates, up to ,000 per property. Solar-thermal is now on California’s solar map and along with them is Jackson Lake Apartments.

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