Aztec Solar is leaving its mark. Will you?

For more than 35 years, Aztec Solar has left its mark across Northern California.

People see our imprint in the lower bills they pay each month. Others literally feel the effect of our solar pool heating systems and enjoy summer swimming well before the sweltering months of July and August. We are also leaving our mark on our planet and its future. We understand that every solar application is part of the solution for a brighter future and stronger planet. We want to leave our mark with each and every install. As noted, the reasons for doing so are all well worth it.

We want to share with you the work we’ve done across Northern California with our Jobs Completed Map.

Every map marker represents something special. (This map only shows some of our projects, not all of them.) The markers represent our industry-leading craftsmanship, lower utility bills, extended swimming times, lifetime savings and they represent a brighter future.

So, how can you leave your mark? There are several ways you can enjoy the benefits of solar technology.

  • Solar Electricity: With prices at an all-time low, you can take advantage of clean energy and lower utility bills.
  • Pool heating: Double the time you can spend in your pool with our pool heating system. We can use your existing pumping system to inject new life into your swim season. Learn more about the Heliocol Advantage here.
  • Water heating: Hot water heated by the sun just makes so much since. It works with your existing system infrastructure to deliver hot water throughout your home or business for a lower price!

You can take a peek at some of our solar project here. Notice the engineering and esthetically pleasing installations with each project. Our staff members are trained by industry-leading manufacturers and techniques that produce the highest-quality installs around.

We know our customers are keeping track of the benefits solar power extends to them. And together, we know we are leaving our mark for a brighter future.

Aztec Solar has been doing solar, and only solar, for more than 35 years. Our award-winning customer service is unmatched and has guided more than 10,000 customers to savings. We’re proud of every project for what it means to your pocketbook, home recreation and the environment.

So, are you ready to leave your mark?

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