Aztec Solar on Sacramento & Co.

BBQs, kite flying, strolls on the beach, and swimming – summer never seems long enough. However, did you know that you could make some of summer’s sweetness last longer by extending your swimming season by 90 days with solar water heating? It’s true. When our very own Ed Murray and Heather Dowling was featured on Sacramento & Co. this Wednesday morning, host Guy Farris announced that “the folks with Aztec Solar could help you enjoy your pool longer, reduce your energy bill, and provide an opportunity to live a more earth friendly sustainable lifestyle.” When asked why solar water heating, Ed Murray responded with, “We don’t use gas for electricity so after awhile it’s no cost to you. It’s like burning money if you use a gas heater to heat a pool.” Heather Dowling proudly added that, “We get really good feedback from the customers… and that brings us satisfaction… We feel comfortable with the products that we provide.” Longer swimming seasons at no costs and great customer satisfaction – why not solar water heating? And what better time than now because Aztec Solar is offering a free solar panel with the purchase of five panels through May 31st.

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