Aztec Solar’s CEO named president of CALSEIA

Aztec Solar has some exciting news to share regarding our CEO and President, Ed Murray. The California Solar Energy Industry Association (CALSEIA) named Ed as its president.

It’s the perfect fit.

CALSEIA is a champion of solar energy, vigorously promoting the expansion of solar technologies throughout the state. CALSEIA promotes the growth of the solar industry and expanded use of all solar technologies throughout California. The organization accomplishes this through policy development, advocacy, education, networking and business services. In recent years, CALSEIA worked with the national, Washington, D.C.-based, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) on campaigns such as extending the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

At Aztec Solar, we are proud that our CEO will lead CALSEIA to advance an ambitious agenda that meets the values we share within the solar industry, including the fight against climate change. In addition to making sure California’s solar initiatives and progress continue, Murray will look to increase CALSEIA’s membership, partner with the solar battery storage industry and make sure solar companies across the state continue to follow ethical standards.

We certainly cannot think of a more qualified individual to lead solar in California as we face important questions and issues related to solar energy. Since 1978, Ed has been hard at work within the solar industry. His involvement with CALSEIA dates back to 1984.

Aztec Solar believes in the future of clean energy. We are also a strong advocate for the causes Ed and CALSEIA will promote. Aztec Solar is committed to meeting the energy needs of every Californian, from every household to business facility. Our technologies, services and first-rate products are second to none. The same is true for our staff. Our expert staff members will guide you through everything you need to know about solar technology, programs and services that meet your needs and goals.

We have been doing solar and only solar in the greater Sacramento area for more than 35 years and helped countless customers convert to cleaner energy while saving them money.

Let our award-winning customer service explain the variety of products we specialize in, including in-house solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar electric, and everything else from small-scale residential projects bigger commercial projects. Together, we can work to meet your energy needs while also promoting a greater cause that is cleaner energy.

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