Benefits Of Using A Pool Cover With A Solar System

Whether you are planning to design a new pool or improve an existing one, you should consider the benefits that come with a pool cover. Even though you have a solar pool heating system, compare the general benefits that come with a pool cover in Sacramento.

Solar pool heating systems are setup to pump water from the pool into a collector bank. The water is then heated by the sun and returned to the pool. But if the system is powered by solar panels then why do you need a cover?

A pool cover helps retain the heat generated by the solar system. Without a cover, some of the heat generated during the day will be lost in the cooler temperatures at night.

How? Well, when uncovered the surface of the pool releases heat. As a result, the system will continue working to keep your pool at the optimum temperature. A properly sized solar system will maintain comfortable temperatures during the summer months. There is no need for a pool cover during these months. In the spring and fall months, the combination of a solar system and a pool cover will help extend your season even longer than only a solar system.

Other benefits of a pool cover include: Reducing evaporation which decreases the amount of make-up water by 30-50%, and reduces chemical consumption and cleaning time by sealing it from debris when not in use.

Whether you have a large or small swimming pool, an expert pool builder should guide you in the process of choosing the best design for your cover. These covers are often cut to fit the size of your pool. However, experts suggest that while well-fitted covers are recommended, they must not fit perfectly as small variances may not adversely affect the insulation materials. The materials used are incredibly resistant to ultraviolet rays, preventing deterioration. The good news is you can find a range of grades and styles.

Keep your pool clean and energy efficient by getting a high quality solar pool cover today.

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