At the beginning of the year, customers braced for higher utility bills after the California Public Utilities Commission adopted updated price tiers. Through the months, rates continued to go up much to the displeasure of many families. And with the warmer weather upon us in the Sacramento region, there’s no doubt that we’ll be cranking up our air conditioning use into high gear soon.

As we approach the warmer months here is a guide to the benefits of solar energy. 

Solar calculator 

The first thing you can do is this. Input a few numbers into our solar calculator to see if the solar switch is right for you. You can receive immediate results through email or text message. That’s just one way you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel that will free you from ever-increasing utility rates.

Financing solar

Next, you may ask yourself if it is prudent to finance this investment. Thankfully, financing is available for solar energy for your home, pool or business. Most systems can be financed with zero down and a payment that is lower than what you are currently paying your utility company. You’ll be saving immediately just by making the switch to clean energy.

How long will solar panels last?

Now that we have costs out of the way, you may be wondering about longevity. Aztec Solar is committed to only using the best materials and installation practices so your clean energy investment can pass the test of time. Our products are now covered by a 25-year production warranty and a standard 10-year warranty is also available. The technology we use is made to last. Modules have no moving parts and require virtually no maintenance. You can expect them to last at least 25 years.

Tax benefits

Another question we get is about taxes. No, solar upgrades will not increase your property taxes. In fact, you may be eligible for a tax break if you decide to install solar panels. Many homeowners who decide to invest in them also see an increased appraisal value to their homes. Energy efficiency is a huge selling point. You can expect a 7 to 20 percent spike in your home’s value.

Clean energy

Finally, solar energy is the cleanest method to provide energy to your home, pool or business. We’ve been helping people save money for more than 35 years. We do it with excellent customer service, installers, products and foresight. Solar energy allows us to save money and help protect the future of our planet. Reason enough, right?

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about solar energy, products and services.

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