Bring energy certainty and savings into your home or business with solar battery storage

We are all adjusting.

At Aztec Solar, we are constantly finding ways to save our customers on their energy costs.

Our commitment to bringing affordable energy solutions into homes and businesses spans more than four decades in the Sacramento region.

When new challenges arise, Aztec Solar answers the call. As California faced unplanned power outages during wildfire season last year, we understood the inconvenience and stress that brought on residents across the region.

The new reality of power uncertainty made us rethink the future of solar electricity and energy storage solutions. Today, our mission of meeting our customers’ energy needs through multiple solar products and technologies is more vital now than ever before.

With the new challenges and uncertainties bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand homeowners and business owners are doing their best to navigate these uncharted waters.

The new normal must include cost-savings, and that’s our highest priority.

That is why we are excited to offer solar battery technologies.

Solar batteries work by saving excess energy that’s generated by residential or commercial solar electricity systems. It makes it available during peak energy times, unforeseen power outages or whenever it’s needed the most.

When you install a battery storage system, it’ll also bring you peace of mind that comes with saving money, especially during the summer months when the air conditioner is blasting.

Combining solar electricity with solar storage puts you at the forefront of an emerging technology that is providing unmatched savings and energy assurances.

The new way of life will not change our commitment to you.

From small-scale residential projects to larger solar applications for industry, we meet the energy needs of homes and businesses.

Are you ready to take solar energy to the next level? Reach out to us today for an online video consultation and we can tell you more about how you can save money, avoid energy outages and ensure that you’re always connected to a reliable source of power.

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