Calculating what you could save by going solar

How much will you save by going solar? It’s a reasonable question for a major investment. Don’t worry though, we have you covered!

As the cost of traditional electricity goes up, you will save more and more money with solar power. If you were to install a 3kW system, for example, it would produce an average of about 450kW a month. The average household uses around 900kW a month, meaning it would cut your bill in half. If you installed a higher kW system, you could save even more each month.

While lowering your electricity bill is the most obvious place you will save money, there are also other ways to save:

  • Future rate hikes – If you live in California, chances are that your electricity bill is going to get higher on Jan. 1, 2017. The changes are the result of a vote by the California Public Utilities Commission over the summer.
  • Federal Tax Credit – The government will pay you 30 percent of your total installation cost in the form of a tax credit. This credit was recently extended, but likely won’t last forever.
  • Net Metering – You can apply to give your excess power back to your energy company. Yes, they will pay you for the electricity you put back into the system.
  • Rebates from your Energy Company – Depending on your electric company, you may qualify for a rebate for going solar and conserving energy.

If you want an actual figure, we can help you out with that as well! Aztec Solar gives you the opportunity to calculate how much you can save with solar in just nine seconds. To calculate your savings, visit

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