California hits over 90 percent clean electricity generation record

California continues to be a leader in solar and clean energy.

In fact, the Golden State is breaking records in that regard. Earlier this month, California’s grid operator reported that for a brief time, the state was running off 93 percent clean electricity! That translates to 11,011 MWac of power from solar facilities to the grid.

With the number that high, it won’t be surprising if California soon hits the 100 percent mark. If that happens only for a small amount of time, it is an amazing accomplishment and a sign of the true power and potential of clean energy.

If you live in California, and Sacramento in particular, then you can be a part of this solar revolution we are living in. Sacramento is one of the sunniest areas in the world and with that comes high summer temperatures. To avoid the high-energy costs that can come with running an air conditioner a lot, many Sacramento residents and businesses are going solar.

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