California’s mandate for solar on new homes finalized, solar thermal could be considered next

The move to require all new homes built in California from 2020 and beyond to have solar received its final approval last week. The Building Standards Commission unanimously voted to approve the new rule, which will require builders to make homes available with solar, or establish a shared solar system for a group of homes. The panels would either be owned by the home owner, added to the price of thehome or arranged througha monthly lease.

The Building Energy Efficiency Standards, of which this mandate is part of, are revisited and potentially revised every three years. Ed Murray, CEO of Aztec Solar and president of the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA), recently told that the additional attention the new requirementis garnering for solar is something that could open the door to futureopportunities for reducing energy consumption.

Specifically, he mentioned that solar water heating could be a topic of discussion when the Building Energy Efficiency Standards are reviewed next time:

“The next cycle will focus on larger multi-family buildings, and we will continue to argue the carbon-reducing potential of solar thermal in thatprocess.”

For those who already own homes and won’t be purchasing a new home from 2020 or beyond, now is a great time to go solar with the federaltax incentives and other discounts available.

If you live in the Sacramento region and are thinking about going solar, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 916.853.2700!

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