Cheaper Solar Panels

Cheaper Solar Panels

Solar Water Heating for Propane Users is the Most Affordable Solar Panel

  1. Solar Water Heating (also called solar thermal) is the single fastest way to cut your propane expense.

  2. Propane prices are anticipated to continue to increase.

  3. Aztec Solar Water Heating Systems are between 60-75% efficient. That equates to about $450-550 in savings for propane homeowners/year.

  4. The NEW rebate and the current cost of propane will allow solar to pay for itself in about 6-7 years.

  5. Aztec installs only the highest quality systems and has been in business for over 30 years.

Stop paying TOO MUCH to heat your water. Let the SUN DO IT!INSTALL BY DECEMBER 20th


*According to the average annual propane expense of $489/year

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