Critics of job-killing solar tariff have their voices heard

As many of our friends have heard, there is a pending solar panel tariff that has the potential to do some serious damage to the industry.

From job losses to skyrocketing prices for solar energy products, the impact will be widespread and deep.

Simply put, it’s bad for American business.

Critics of the pending tariff say that it would hinder American manufacturing. And their argument seems to be resonating.

During a hearing at the U.S. Trade Representative office, which will make a recommendation to President Trump, Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina described the proposal as a hindrance to manufacturing.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) told the government panel that the threat of the tariff is already negatively affecting demand for solar energy. The proposed tariffs would be too high to allow utility-scale projects.

Solar supporters hope that the trade hearing will influence its representatives to make the best recommendation to the president. And that’s keep prices low.

The U.S. International Trade Commission proposed a tariff of up to 35 percent on imported solar panels.

A bipartisan voice has emerged against the proposal. Lawmakers believe it’ll be a job killer since so many businesses rely on solar installation work.

This issue not only threatens the livelihood of many solar companies, but it threatens everyone’s ability to enjoy the benefits of clean, reliable and cost-effective energy solutions — the kind that Aztec Solar has been proud to offer the Sacramento region for decades.

If you would like to get involved in protecting the solar industry, visit the SEIA website.

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