Don’t worry about losing power with solar batteries

If you had your power shut off due to PG&E’s recent blackouts, you may be getting some money back from the utility company.

That is because the company is crediting a total of $90 million to its customers for the shutoffs in October. According to The Sacramento Bee, the average credit that customers will receive on their bills is $122, which will be given to around 738,000 of the businesses and residents impacted.

While the credit may be nice for those who were impacted, or may be impacted in the future, money may not alleviate some of the inconvenience and stress that having the power off in their home or business for an extended amount of time can cause. This is why many of our customers are deciding to turn to solar, specifically solar battery storage, to protect against power shutoffs.

A solar battery, when combined with solar panels, is able to store excess energy produced that can be used at night or during a power outage. A battery storage system will allow you to utilize your solar once the utility power shuts down. The solar will power your essential electrical loads and power the battery to be used at night. Without a battery system, your solar will be shut off to protect the utility workers who are working on the lines to restore power.

Solar batteries can be implemented with either residential solar or commercial solar systems.

If you are interested in going solar to guard yourself against power shutoffs, you can trust Aztec Solar to get the job done right. That is because we have almost 40 years of experience doing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region. Our top-notch customer service, quality products and professional installers will make your solar experience a good one.

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