Drop in air pollution leads to greater solar power efficiency

When the world came to a stop in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, there was at least one silver lining: a dramatic reduction to air pollution.

As people sheltered in place and burned fewer emissions, the air became clearer and cleaner, which also boosted the effectiveness of solar technology.

In a study of the atmosphere in India, for instance, researchers found that one of the most polluted cities on the planet experienced immediate improvements to air quality due to its drastic and swift lockdown measures.

Researchers had also examined how the haze of a major metropolis impacted the ability for sunlight to reach on-the-ground solar panels and its impact on the output of solar energy.

The findings were not surprising.

In March, researchers found that the amount of sunlight reaching solar panels increased by eight percent when compared to data from previous years.

Increases to the levels of insolation, which is the amount of accessible solar radiation, demonstrated how much particulate matter can clog up the pathways that bring clean and affordable energy solutions to millions of people.

The contrast was startling, in fact. As an illustration, the change to air quality meant that a PV installation installed in Houston produced as much energy as one in Toronto.

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