Ed Murray elected for fifth year in a row as president of California Solar and Storage Association

Ed Murray, CEO of Aztec Solar, Powered By Sigora, has been re-elected as president of the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA) for the fifth year in a row.

Murray plans to further enhance the association’s efforts to build out the solar industry in the state with solar battery credits. Another point of emphasis for him is to protect and expand the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

“California is a world-leader in solar, but a lot more needs to be done. That is why we plan to work closely with Gov. Gavin Newsom to ensure existing solar initiatives and incentives remain in place and new ones are created,” Murray said.

CALSSA promotes local, clean solar power to help California residents and businesses take control of their energy production. It does this by fighting for solar for consumers through state and local policy, business development, and job creation. As a result, everyone has barriers removed when it comes to accessing solar energy, which gives more people the chance to benefit from this powerful renewable energy option. CALSSA is an advocate for solar energy storage, standards and codes, solar heating and cooling, net metering, lowering costs, and expanding solar access.

Though the solar industry and seen explosive growth in recent years, there are still threats that CALSSA must protect against.

“In 2022, we will make sure solar buyers have increased access to solar and that solar companies across the state continue to utilize the ethical standards expected of them by us as an organization and their customers,” Murray said.

Murray has represented all aspects of solar, including , utility-scale solar systems, swimming pool solar heating and solar water systems, and rooftop distributed energy.

For more information about CALSSA, visit calssa.org.

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