Engineers develop tool to share solar power during outages

During a storm or a natural disaster, a lot of things can go wrong.

Homes and businesses can lose their electricity during these emergency events when an outage strikes.

While your home or business can generate its own power through solar applications provided by Aztec Solar, that power cannot be put to use during an outrage because devices are powered down out of safety reasons.

Fortunately, engineers are hard at work developing a new tool that will sidestep these concerns by not only providing power to your home, but allowing you to share it with others.

A new set of algorithms makes it possible. This can be a life-saving feature during catastrophic events and recovery efforts.

Aztec Solar knows the power of solar energy. Our customers feel the freedom of generating their own power and even getting rebates for generating extra power. Even so, homes and businesses are subject to restrictions of the grid.

While some technologies exist today that will allow you to extract power from solar electricity systems during an emergency, the technology is not available at a large scale for community-wide impact.

Here’s how the algorithm would work:

  • Homes are disconnected from the grid (for safety concerns).
  • Homes will share power from their renewable energy resources.
  • System reliability could increase by up to 35 percent.

Algorithms will prioritize energy distribution and will take into account other factors such as weather forecasts and available and projected energy storage.

Homes can be individually furnished with the necessary hardware to make this a reality, or, like some prefer, the new technology can be installed and shared at a community scale.

There are other hurdles, too. Regulations at the state and federal level would need to be adjusted for this system to get off the ground.

If you’re interested in taking the first steps, contact Aztec Solar today to learn about solar technologies for your home or business.

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