Four things to consider if you are thinking about going solar

If you are new to considering solar power, you may feel there is a lot to learn. In some sense, there is some education about how it works and the benefits.

Here are four things you should know if you are considering solar for your home or business.

Research rules and regulations
Depending on where you live or your business location, certain regulations and ordinances will come into play. For instance, neighborhoods governed by a homeowner’s association will have guidance on solar energy installations.

Other local rules, such as city or county regulations will have something to say about solar energy setups, as well.

The good news is Aztec Solar will handle all the paperwork for permitting.  Customers, however, are encouraged to take a look at the rules and regulations surrounding solar installs. Sometimes, it’s just good to know.

Remember incentives
Governments at all levels are making it easier for residents to transition into solar.

This year, solar customers can take advantage of a generous 26 percent tax incentive when they make the switch.

This dollar-for-dollar reduction goes toward federal income taxes.

Take action today because after 2021, this tax credit will sunset.

The angle of your roof
Did you know that a south or west-facing roofing is ideal for solar power optimization?

The direction of your roof, age and other details are important variables to consider. The roof’s slope and shade will also tell us more about how much energy can be harnessed.

Perhaps the most important factor is the roof’s size.

The bigger the footprint, the more space to work with. Aztec Solar can figure this out with you.

Calculate your savings
One of the many benefits of solar energy is the amount of money you’ll save on your monthly utility bill.

Take note of the local utility rates to see exactly how much you can expect to save once you go solar. It’ll be a wonderful feeling.

We can help you with this. Check out our solar calculator that lets you figure out how much you could save in just nine seconds.

If you’re ready to make a positive change that will save money and help save the planet, please contact us to learn more about our wide range of solar applications.

We have been serving the Sacramento region for more than four decades, becoming trusted solar experts through excellent products and award-winning customer service.

Whether you’re thinking about solar battery storage, solar pool heating or an electricity setup, we have you covered.

Our customers are our top priority and we will work closely with you to show you why we continually have been the go-to solar energy provider for the greater Sacramento region.

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