From Walmart to Facebook, corporate investment in solar soars

A national survey of solar use among corporate entities shows significant increases to solar investment.

From tech giants to major retailers and other business enterprises, leaders have installed more than 1,280 megawatts of new commercial solar power last year, the second-largest annual gain in history.

Apple, Amazon and Walmart lead the way, increasing their solar capacity by 35 percent in 2019. Apple plans to rely on 100 percent carbon-neutral energy sources for its supply chain and products by 2030.

Business leaders are learning the choice isn’t between a healthy planet and a good business strategy. Both are possible.

According to the report, the combined solar capacity of 38,000 business-owned solar energy system generates power for nearly 2 million homes, which can offset about million metric tons of CO2 each year.

Sustaining a collective effort in the fight to undo the damage of climate change is top of mind, and is a reason why so many other businesses are adopting clean energy applications.

Companies like Google are doubling down on solar. The internet giant plans to run data centers and corporate campuses on 100 percent carbon-free power within a decade.

The top 10 list of corporate solar users include Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Google, Kaiser Permanente, Switch, Prologis, Facebook and Solvay.

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