How to Find a Good Solar Company

Solar energy is a great way to reduce your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Residential solar energy is increasingly affordable and makes good sense for many families in California. If you are considering taking advantage of the free energy the sun provides nearly every day, you should start by finding a solar contractor you can trust.

A Whole- House Approach

Solar energy is more than just a few solar panels on your rooftop or a solar heating system for your pool. The best solar companies take a whole-house approach and partner with you to make the most of solar energy for your home. This focus goes beyond the obvious and helps you take advantage of every opportunity to improve your energy efficiency.

A good solar company will work with you to determine the ways solar can improve your life and reduce your energy bills. They will help you calculate the number of solar panels you need and the areas where solar can have a positive impact. They will also help you get all the credits and rebates available in your area.

A Service Attitude

Does the Sacramento solar company you are considering have a customer service focus? Solar energy is relatively simple, and yet most home owners have questions and need information to make the best decisions. The solar company you select should offer clear explanations of the technology they use and patiently address any concerns you have. If a company seems reluctant to speak to you in detail or asks you to just trust them, you may want to look elsewhere.

Professionally Connected and Accredited

Solar technology changes all the time. Science moves forward constantly and new information and techniques are available to improve installations and energy efficiency. You want to select a contractor that is up to date and aware of all of your options.

A professional solar provider is associated with trade organizations and solar advocates who offer information and education to their members. These associates continually provide education and outreach to solar contractors. In addition, residential solar contractors can be certified and accredited through organizations such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) for photovoltaic and solar thermal certification. These certified contractors are able to take advantage of federal credits and incentives that apply to your installation.

Experience and Reputation

Education is not a substitute for experience. When you select a solar company, consider their reputation in the community. Do they have an established track record of success? Do they have a reputation for excellence in your area? Ask for references and check them.

Flexible Services

The best solar companies offer flexible financing options to help make your system as affordable as possible. They work with you to determine the financial benefits of the solar system you are installing and develop a plan that meets your needs. They also offer flexible services, working with the local area to meet the requirements of your permit office and any state and federal regulations that apply to your installation. They may even assist you in applying for solar rebates and tax incentives. Look for this flexible level of service when you select a contractor.

Ongoing Maintenance

Installation is just the beginning of your experience with solar energy. Look for a contractor that offers ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your system to keep it working at peak levels. Make sure maintenance is discussed at the beginning of the process, and be sure your contractor is willing to service your equipment over time as needed.

Aztec Solar – A Leader among Sacramento Solar Companies

Aztec Solar is a leader among solar companies in Sacramento. We’ve earned the trust of homeowners all over the area, making us a trusted provider for solar energy solutions.

We believe in education for our staff and for you. We believe in sharing this information with our customers, including explaining options for saving money on utility bills and protecting the environment. We focus on the solutions that make sense for you, rather than directing you to solutions you don’t need.

Our company is focused on offering you the type of whole-house approach you need. We treat your home like it’s our own, cleaning up behind ourselves and helping you make the best decisions for your individual needs. We don’t just install the system and disappear. We work with you to maintain the system and keep it running at peak levels.

Contact Aztec today to discuss how solar energy can benefit you and your family. We’ll help you dramatically lower your energy bill and make a positive difference for the environment. Find out why we are a leading solar company in Sacramento.

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