Island retreat in middle of the ocean powered solely by solar

An island retreat in the middle of the Indian Ocean is being powered completely by solar energy.

The Kudadoo Maldives, which is located in a tropical country known as the Maldives in between Sri Lanka and Africa, is powered by a 2,000-square-meter roof made up completely of solar panels. The photovoltaic building, known as The Retreat, is on one side of the island and its 984 panels generate enough power to “serve 50 guests and 100 staff occupying the private island at any time.”

On the other side of the island, an arc of ocean bungalows angles around the shore.

The resort is described as a “luxury eco-friendly getaway” where all residences are designed to reduce energy consumption. In between the rows of solar panels, for example, there are slits that allow air and light to come through. In addition, all of the wood used is sustainably sourced wood.

The island also features a land restaurant and an “undersea restaurant.”

Though going on an exotic tropical vacation sounds exciting, you don’t have to travel across the world to experience the power of solar energy. With modern solar technology, Sacramento residents and businesses can place panels on their roofs and start saving on electricity and helping the environment at the same time.

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