Its a star, its a comet, its satellites…

April is such a lovely time of year, when we awaken our connection to the great outdoors. The sun has actually graced us with an entire week of its glorious rays. When you think of it, the sun has so many applications, it is the origins of photosynthesis, provides us with vital Vitamin D and in the 21st century is capable of meeting a growing percentage of our energy loads, through solar energy.

What is newsworthy of solar today is that the technology is evolving and therefore offers increasing options for the home owner. It is amazing to think that the technology that was only viable through NASA in the 20th century is now being installed on peoples homes.

So do me a favor… as you enjoy the sun this April, think about what it can do for your home, your utility bills and your earth now and 20+ years down the road. Remember those solar operated satellites launched proudly in the late 50′s. Yeap they are still orbiting today…

What a wonderful planet we live on, take the initiative this month to show your respect of our home.

Perhaps patron a sustainable business in the greater Sacramento area:

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