Leasing solar doesn’t pay if you sell your home

You may decide to switch to solar for a number of reasons.

The decision is an economic one because it’ll free you from overpaying each month on your utility bill and it will increase your property value. The decision is also about doing good by the environment. Solar energy provides a smart alternative to fossil fuels at a time when education and technology allow us to pave our own environmental future of preservation and protection of our planet for the immediate and distant future.

All great reasons to make the solar switch!

Customers take great joy in saving money each month and the resulting boost in equity to their homes. However, while leasing solar may help your pocketbook and the environment, it may not be all that great for your home’s resale value.

In some cases, selling a home with leased solar panels can drive the price down. This leaves the current homeowner with two unfavorable options: either buy out the remaining lease payment or attempt to find a buyer amendable to taking over the lease.

Here’s why leasing solar isn’t the best idea if you’re planning to sell your home:

When you sell your home with leased equipment, it makes an already complex transaction more complex – and this added layer may even scare off potential homebuyers. In the end, your leverage as a home seller dwindles, along with your expected net profits.

Another tidbit worth noting: Even if your buyer agrees to take the lease off your hands, the process is not straightforward. For example, some companies must abide by their credit standards and the buyer may not be an ideal candidate. This can stop the deal in its tracks.

Don’t leave this to chance.

If you want to go solar, contact us today and learn how affordable solar applications truly are. We offer a range of packages: solar electricity, NET metering (which provides credits for your unused electricity), solar pool heating and solar water heating. Whatever your needs are, we can find the right solution and direct you to the proper financing packages without the hassle of a lease.

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