Make the Solar Choice

Meet ‘heart and soul’ of Aztec Solar Inc

A walk into the Aztec Solar office is a return to the good values of a family-owned business. The Aztec Solar team is a committed group that has been a part of bringing solar to homeowners and businesses since the early 80’s. The building is as unique as the extended family that calls it home-complete with two warehouses and six trucks that service solar water heating and solar electric customers throughout Northern California.

Their leader Ed Murray has been committed to the development and application of solar technology for 30 years. Over the years Ed has picked up some of the most talented players in the industry and this is what makes the Aztec Solar group so successful – the expertise of a corporate company with the finesse of a family-owned business.

Ed’s passion for solar has brought him to some far reaching places with leading innovators from the US, Europe and Asia, but this Sacramento State graduate calls California his home, the place where he has dedicated most of his heart. Recently, his diligence has come full circle with the implementation of a $350 million solar water heating budget by the California Public Utilities Commission. This program encourages homeowners to swap out their current natural gas, electric or propane dependent system for a solar water heating one.

Ed believes solar will prevail, just as Aztec has survived numerous solar swings over the past 30 years. This is the group to contact if you have ever thought about making that change. They are a full-service solar energy provider, including solar electricity, solar water heating and solar pool heating systems. They offer free site visits, energy consultations and no obligation estimates that evaluate your economic and environmental goals-the educational opportunity of the site visit is worth your call.

Aztec Solar specializes in combination installations, including pool heating, domestic water heating and electric systems, which they call a “Total Solar Solution”. This is a perfect solution for the right homeowner to gain financial benefits against unpredictable utility costs. They also offer a “Smart Solution”, where they design a system using their internal financing and energy analysis tools bringing your bills to a predictable monthly cost.

Murray explains his goal is to have many happy solar customers by providing the highest quality products and service. Spiking utility costs, falling property values and unstable natural resources makes solar a low risk investment. Solar technology has become more than large fields with glass rectangles, and its long been more than orbiting satellites. Today the application has grown into that of individual homes becoming independent power producers. Aztec Solar knows that there is no better time to make the solar choice!

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