More than 230 U.S. mayors call for solar tax credit extension

Mayors across the nation, including the mayor of the city of Davis, are making a bipartisan plea for a five-year extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit.

More than 230 mayors from 39 states are calling for more resources for those who want to make a significant change in their lives, and the environment, by switching to clean, affordable energy.

The formation of this solar coalition could not have come at a better time for families and small businesses thinking about making the switch.

In just a few months, the current Solar Investment Tax Credit will be reduced. In 2021, it will fall once again before permanently going away for residential solar energy systems in just a few years.

As city leaders look for new ways to combat the effects of climate change and induce economic activity, they are pushing harder than ever for financial incentives that promote growth in solar applications. This is good news all around and will keep solar affordable.

And there’s still time this year to take advantage of a substantial tax credit when you decide to switch to a solar energy system that can power your home, business or provide heated water to your home, business or swimming pool.

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