Prop 39 California Solar Power Promises Energy Funding For Schools

Proposition 39, as many California voters know, is a revolving loan fund that aims to quadruple the state’s energy investments. Prop 39 California solar power was a huge subject with voters last year when they passed the “California Clean Energy Jobs Act” to help boost renewable energy resources with cutting edge companies such as Aztec Solar. Prop 39 Sacramento solar power laws are also aimed at creating more clean energy investments to help schools.

Proposition to aid California Schools

For instance, California Gov. Jerry Brown said the proposition will do a great deal to help the state’s 1,032 school districts by providing about $2.875 billion over the next five years to invest in green energy projects and improve schools. The funds will likely be used to fund green projects at schools, which creates jobs, increases the use of renewable energy and decreases schools’ utility bills. In this day and age, as energy costs rise and funding for education is often cut, Prop 39 will invest in both the state’s energy and educational future.

Impact of Prop 39

While the overall impact of Proposition 39 cannot be stated to the smallest detail, there is a clear relationship between this funding, which the state will earn by closing loopholes that unfairly favor companies with out of state properties and payroll and that require true out of state companies to pay income tax on their in-state revenue, and creating jobs in the solar sector and saving money for schools. For instance, a recent report by the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation points out how that the law’s revolving loan fund would not only boost natural energy investment and job creation, but also help California school districts with much needed funding that would be recapped from this long-term investment in solar energy technologies.

Energy Investments Needed Now

Another aspect of the proposition is linked to the public demand for more energy efficiency at a time when many consumers are struggling to pay their bills while energy prices are increasing. The proposition appealed to California voters because it both invests in renewable resources, such as solar energy, and creates jobs in the process. Meanwhile, it also helps small businesses compete in the state by ensuring larger companies can’t exploit tax loopholes that hurt those of us who pay our fair share. At the same time, voters are anxious for the program to start bearing fruit and we at Aztec Solar are excited to get started working to help rebuild our struggling school systems, invest in California’s energy independence and ensure we are saving the planet for years to come.

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