Property Taxes and Residential Solar Systems in Sacramento

What makes the installation of solar systems even more desirable is the fact that you can get tax incentives or rebates for installing and using these systems in Sacramento, California. While the rebates for PG&E customers have gone away, the prices for solar system are at an all time low. In many cases, the rebate isn’t needed to realize a great Return in Investment. For SMUD customers, there are still rebates available to help decrease the initial cost. The sheer savings of solar power and tax incentives associated with owning a system in California encourage people to opt for renewable energies over their dirty fossil-fuel counterparts.

The SMUD residential rebate is capable of reducing the net cost of the desired solar system by about 5-10%. Of course the rebates that are applicable for non-profit entities, new construction entities or commercial organizations are even higher! The rebates enjoyed by Californians are based on a tiered first-come-first-serve basis, which means the earlier you get your system the greater the rebate. If you wait too long, the rebates will run out and that sticker price will be the best you can get.

Property and other tax programs in Sacramento allow the residents to qualify for a huge sum of money as tax credit. The special programs and tax incentives surround solar power systems in California are strongly responsible for influencing people to research and find out more about alternative energy sources. You can go to this database, which lists all the incentives, rebates and loan programs about renewable energy on a state by state basis. This website includes information on the SMUD – Residential Solar Loan Program, PG&E (Gas) – Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs, Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems and much more!

Investing in a solar panel system for your home or office is definitely not a small decision. Therefore, it definitely makes sense to learn about the solar power loan programs and taxes incentives applicable for residents of Sacramento, California to understand your financing options. The solar system of your dreams may not cost nearly as much as you think!

One new way to finance your solar system is to utilize PACE financing. PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing. Companies, such as Ygrene Energy Fund, can help you financing your solar projects at great market rates. The best part is that you pay your loan through your property taxes. Yes, that is right; you will only have to pay your bill twice a year for 20 years. You can learn more about PACE financing at

Having a solar energy system installed on one’s property can work wonders for eliminating or drastically reducing one’s electric bill. Irrespective of how large or small the electricity bill is, solar still works in your favor when the power plant will pay you for putting clean, renewable energy into its system.

No doubt, California is a wonderful place to live, but it also happens to be somewhat expensive as well. In order to make energy affordable again, Californians can invest in solar power. The biggest hindrance that prevents solar power from being taken seriously is the fact that people always consider it not yet ready for prime-time or possible to get better in the future. People always seem to be under the impression that this energy source can become really big in the future.

What they don’t know is that people in California are already benefiting from solar energy systems! These systems are more than capable of providing power to one’s house entirely on their own. This alternative source of energy is powerful, non-polluting and available as the sun continues to shine.

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