Protect against PG&E power shut-offs with solar batteries

You may have heard about it or experienced it firsthand, but PG&E is sporadically cutting off power in neighborhoods across the Sacramento region as a way to mitigate wildfire risk.

This is causing concern among homeowners who could go hours without power, and especially without air conditioning at a time in the middle of the hot Sacramento summer when temperatures can reach above 100 degrees.

Well, solar power owners can protect themselves from these shut-offs by utilizing solar batteries. Here is how they work:

  • Solar panels usually send excess power generated back out to the utility grid.
  • A solar battery takes that excess electricity generated by solar panels, and instead of sending it back out to the utility grid it stores it for later use by the homeowners. This occurs through charging via the power of the panels.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, it sends that excess power out to the grid.
  • This stored power from the charged battery can then be pulled from at night or during a power outage.

Essentially, solar batteries take energy independence to a whole new level by giving you even more control over the energy you produce and what you use it for.

At Aztec Solar, we have been doing solar and only solar in the Sacramento region for nearly 40 years. And we have a lot of experience when it comes to solar storage products. In fact, our CEO is currently the president of California Solar & Storage Association.

If you have any questions about solar and/or solar batteries, make sure to contact us today at 916.853.2700.

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