Purchases of household solar batteries jump dramatically in California

A recent heatwave in Northern California reminded us about the value of reliable electricity.

Elevated wildfire dangers trigger additional safety measures this time of year, increasing the likelihood of power outages. Last year, utilities cut power to 1.1 million homes across the state.

Californians have responded as they continue to switch to solar technologies, including solar panels and solar battery storage.

This year, Bloomberg Finance estimates 50,000 California households will install solar battery storage.

As of 2019, more than a million homes have solar, but only a fraction of those are equipped with solar battery storage.

Generous federal subsidies such as tax credits allow residents to receive a substantial discount on their solar-related purchases. This is also driving an increase in demand for solar battery storage.

Solar energy is life-changing, freeing customers from the constraints of traditional utility pricing and practices.

Solar power applications put the control of energy back into the hands of the customer with cost-effective, planet-saving and reliable energy solutions.

Customers can end the unpredictability, inconvenience and stress of potential power outages with solar power, plus solar power storage.

By installing a battery storage system, you can bypass shutoffs to your home or business by utilizing excess power created by your solar electricity system that’s been stored on the solar battery storage.

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