Report: Solar is the most affordable source of energy

The power of solar never ceases to amaze.

It gives Aztec Solar customers a chance at incredible savings on their utility bills, the flexibility of electricity on demand and the pride of going green.

Globally, solar and other green technologies remain affordable, too. It’s the most economically friendly form of energy in at least two-thirds of the world, according to a Bloomberg report.

In fact, solar costs fell by 4 percent, to about $50 a megawatt-hour in 2019, according to Bloomberg.

In the United States and in parts of Asia, the price is even lower. Costs for equipment are down and technologies have improved. All these factors are making it easier than ever to switch to solar.

Aztec Solar delivers energy solutions for both home and business use. Our unique services and products are backed by decades of doing business in Northern California and award-winning solar experts and representatives. Aztec Solar representatives are taking your questions about what solar can do on chat right now.

We will tell you about our range of technologies, which are designed to meet the energy needs of all our customers. From in-house water heating, electricity, pool heating, solar storage and other applications, we do it all.

If you already benefit from a solar panel system at home or at your place of business, or you’ve been thinking about making the change, now’s an incredible time to do so.

We are excited to pass on savings directly to you for the short- and long-run while equipping your system with solar battery storage technology.

Living in California means we must prepare for major events, including an increasing number of wildfires. Planned power outages, as a result of this trend, are a new norm to help prevent a potential disaster. With solar battery storage, you can have power on demand. It works by storing excess energy that’s generated by your residential or commercial solar electricity system. The stored power is ready for use whenever it’s needed.

Combining solar electricity with solar battery storage leads to power on demand for unforeseen outages or peak energy times when it’s needed the most.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about solar battery storage technology and other solar applications that save you money and give you peace of mind.

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