Are You Still Running Your Old Pool Pump?

Do you have a pool? Are you still running the original pool motor? According to pool industry partners FPSIE (Foundation of Pool and Spa Industry) and SMUD- it’s time you consider an upgrade to start saving!

SMUD responded to the following customer questions:

Q: Are the savings from energy efficient pool pumps enough to cover the cost of the equipment?

A: Do the math:

Your old 2-horse power single speed motor in SMUD service territory costs about 60 cents per hour to operate if you run it 8 hours per day during a 6 month swim season (182 days x 8 hours x 60 cents = .60), and you save say 40% of that equaling .44 in savings that you can apply towards the new equipment you purchase. Then, once it has paid for itself the savings just keep coming.

Energy efficiency is a great first step to saving 1 and living green. Aztec Solar works with the best manufacturers in the business. Contact us to find out more.

Q: I’ve heard that it’s possible to save a lot of energy on our electric bill by upgrading our pool pump and motor to a more efficient one. Is this true?

A: There are energy efficient motors that customers have achieved 10-15% savings in comparison to their older model, single speed motor. By upgrading to the next level, a two (2) speed motor, savings of 12-20% is typical. There is the more efficient “variable” speed motor that is even more energy efficient that customers report savings of 25-40%. Yet even greater savings can be achieved by the addition of a controller for use in conjunction with the variable speed motor. Customers report 40-60% savings over the old single speed motors.

The best part is that you have options which are all available through Aztec Solar so contact us today for a free in-home consultation. In a consultation, you will also learn if solar pool heating is right for you!

Aztec Solar is a proud sponsor of FPSIE, and SMUD approved solar contractor.

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