Top Ten Things Making Sacramento a Clean Energy City

Today, Sacramento is known for its agriculture, commercial business, and its growing culture, including food, music, and art. The city is also known for the large number of clean technology highlights, including energy efficiency and renewable energy. Read ten of the biggest highlights for Sacramento, California- making it a clean energy city.

Solar is a growth industry in California, and now notably Sacramento. Blogger, Shawn Lesser, comments on the top quality solar companies we have in the region, recognizing Aztec Solar as 1 of the best! “Another company is Aztec Solar Inc. which provides solar energy solutions as well for residential and commercial clients. Aztec offers some of the best solar technologies and products on the market, including solar electric, solar pool heating, and solar water heating.”

Energy Commission awards, the number of certified LEED buildings (Leadership in Energy and Design) and Sustainable Sacramento are some other factors making Sacramento a Clean Energy City. Let’s all do our part to support this local economy and do what’s best today and tomorrow for our community.

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