Sacramento Solar Company Lists Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar

Sacramento Solar Company Lists Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar

Have you ever wondered if home solar panels are the right investment? Certainly solar seems like the new energy, but does it make sense to buy now? Aztec Solar, a Sacramento Solar Company, explains the top 3 reasons it makes sense to invest in solar thermal now:

  1. Natural Gas is Going Up

    Experts in energy have been forecasting spikes in both natural gas and coal in the years to come. As summarized in Fortnightly’s Spark,“with growing demand across the United States power markets and significant environmental regulation likely, natural gas prices are expected to rise over the next one to two years – a significant upswing in current price trends.”

  2. Solar Water Heating – The Other Solar

    Most of us have seen solar electric (photovoltaic) systems either on rooftops or in a large open space off the freeway. Fewer, however, are aware of Solar Water Heating, the solar energy system that heats your water and offsets your natural gas, propane or electric bill. Solar electric systems are more well-known because they were the first to receive incentives and have been helping utility customers significantly reduce their bills due to the high cost of coal, but now solar water heating can do the same.

  3. Solar Water Heating Rebates are at their Peak

    In 2010, solar water heating became incentivized for the main California utilities, with a hefty rebate and generous tax credits totaling more than $3,500. Most solar water heating installations cost around $8,000, equating to about a $4,500 investment (after rebates and tax credits) now making solar water heating more affordable. The technology is up to 80% efficient and presents many environmental benefits such as fewer emissions, reduced greenhouse gases and clean energy.

    Solar Water Heating is an advanced solar technology that has been tested around the world. California is one of the few states to offer incentives and we suspect many states, like Hawaii, will soon get onboard.

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