Sacramento Solar Company Offers $0 Down Solar Systems

Aztec Solar announces affordable solar energy for your home with hassle-free leasing. We offer 3 lease options to meet your financial objectives. Solar leasing can help prevent the unexpected, as your utility bills becomes more expensive, similar to gas for the car, you will save more by installing solar now, hedging against future utility spikes.

Think of some of the benefits of solar leasing:

Solar with affordable payment options
System Performance Guarantee
Utility bill savings today and in the future
Worry-free maintenance and monitoring
Insurance and system warranty

Why Lease? Leasing eliminates the burden of ownership by covering all installation and equipment servicing costs, warranties, and guarantees an annual energy generation for the entire term of the lease.All leases come with a Performance Guarantee which promises that if the system does not produce the minimum amount of kilowatts (power) predicted; we will pay you for the difference. And if your system produces more kilowatts than promised, the power is yours at no additional cost.

Your solar installation is monitored and therefore ensured to work properly by sending the system’s power production data on the internet using our Smart Monitoring System. This is how we guarantee the system’s performance at no charge to the homeowner.

Homeowners who lease enjoy all the benefits of solar with the added comfort of a money-back Power Production Guarantee, full system insurance and warranty, and less money out of pocket when compared to purchasing. With little-to-no down payment options, solar leasing offers affordable payment options to free up household operating capital for other needs.

Contact Aztec Solar today for a no obligation free estimate. Our energy experts will provide you with a detailed proposal showing you the best solar system to meet your power needs and your financial goals.

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