Sign the petition to Save California Solar

There’s no doubt, California is a leader in environmental protection and clean energy production, including solar power.

If lobbyists have it their way, however, a key policy they want to get rid of will undo years of progress and deter California from fulfilling its commitment to the green energy movement.

Aztec Solar is joining solar energy advocates to support the Save California Solar campaign to spread awareness about keeping net metering. We encourage you to sign the petition!

We must deploy every tool and meet our commitment to make it easy for the public to make the transition to clean energy, but utility companies are lobbying California lawmakers to turn their backs on solar customers. These lobbyists don’t want customers to maximize their rooftop solar panels and the benefits they bring.

They are attacking net metering, which allows customers to sell back unused power and send it off to the grid.

Now, utility companies are pushing back because they are worried, as they should be. The number of solar customers is always on the rise and we don’t expect it to slow down. They are concerned for their profits because net metering allows communities to purchase and share affordable energy.

The reality is that the net metering policy fuels the state’s green energy growth through new investments in clean energy technologies.

As California pushes toward 100 percent clean energy, it must defend the right of every solar customer to enjoy the full benefits of solar technologies. By working together and expanding access to clean energy applications and money-saving policies, California will get one step closer to achieving a bold green future.

We hope you join us in supporting Save California Solar, which puts the power back into the hands of those who believe in a brighter and cleaner future for all.

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