SMUD Program Financial Incentives to Improve Home Energy Performance

In order to lessen the financial strain associated with buying new and much more efficient appliances and systems, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has instituted a Utility Rebate Program that offers incentives to households that shift to a less energy-intensive consumption model. This program was instituted in the hopes that a community of energy efficient households will mitigate the community’s collective need for expensive future power plant and grid construction. The more renewable energy we use, the less likely it is we’ll need to build a dirty power plant nearby.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Program

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District Program (SMUD Program) offers comprehensive rebates for households which opt to install energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers all have associated rebate costs if they meet SMUD annual energy efficiency standards.

A building with high lighting efficiency coupled with Energy Star rated appliances can not only result in a lower annual electric bill, they can also provide the owner with some notable financial returns. The more energy a homeowner’s appliances and lighting system saves, the more financial incentives they are eligible for. Sacramento home performance experts can be consulted to help with appliance purchases that can improve overall household energy efficiency, as well as conduct home energy audits to suggest places for improvement.

SMUD Home Performance Program

Heating and cooling systems compose a large portion of a building’s energy needs. Inefficient insulation, duct construction, hot water system and thermal barriers can lead to energy leakage. Sub-par wall and floor insulation can allow heat to escape during cold weather, requiring more overall energy to heat the home. Insufficiently insulated windows and doors can allow hot air inside, putting a strain on a building’s air conditioning system. This means that it would take more energy to control the temperature in an inefficient home than one with more modernized systems.

Efficient systems that can minimize heating and cooling losses are rewarded with rebates under the SMUD Home Performance program. Sacramento home performance experts can improve a building’s efficiency and help it meet SMUD standards. The financial incentives offered by SMUD under their Home Performance Program can be as high as $5,000. Multiple families living in a single building can take advantage of the Multi-Family Housing Program that gives financial incentives based on the overall percentage of energy saved.

The project lasts until December 31, 2013 or until the project rebate budget is disbursed. Home and building owners in the Sacramento area would do well to get their homes assessed to cash in on the potential financial incentives that SMUD offers. They should consult Sacramento home performance experts to find out how to take steps needed to maximize their home’s energy performance and apply to the program. The SMUD homepage also provides more information regarding this program.

The SMUD Home Performance program is a great way for homeowners to obtain short-term financial gain from their long-term appliance and energy system investments. These rebates help offset the cost of upgrading your home system and ensure California is an energy-efficient state, through and through.


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